Wind Bearing Steel Casting

An internal kaizen team at WWP looked to improve the manufacturing process of a housing and cover for wind turbines. The team then conducted an initial material flow analysis to discover that the product traveled 1064M to complete. A Pareto analysis revealed that the time to adjust in machine process was causing a disproportionate amount of delays. The equipment utilized also needed to increase stability OEE = 53.7%. After some analysis, the bottleneck for the entire process was pinpointed to a single machine.

The team designed an ideal material process flow and immediately implemented the process. The new distance traveled is 686M, an improvement of 36%. The bottle neck was removed and new flow analysis showed improvements in inventory, turnover went from 91 days to 21. Total inventory turnover improved from 3.8 to 16.6. Furthermore, the new process has helped us achieve > 99% on time delivery.

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Wind Hub
337% Improvement to Total Inventory and Over 99% On Time Delivery