Mincer HD
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Hub and Drum Assembly


  • Approximately 170,000 square feet of modern manufacturing space in Mexico
  • Complete foundry and manufacturing services
  • Six Sigma–Lean Culture
  • Internal tool design and manufacturing
  • CATIA and AutoCad design software
  • Complete dynamometer and product fatigue testing
  • Full service assembly and quality support
  • OEM design assistance
  • Full project and supply chain management

MINCER HD offers a finished line of rotors, drums, hubs, spoke wheels and planetary gear carriers.  Serving the market of heavy trucks, trailers and commercial & passenger vehicles for more than 42 years, we are dedicated to making quality products, delivering on-time, and providing exceptional customer service.  Mincer HD provides its customers with complete product development, manufacturing, testing, and certification services.

Mincer HD is a business leader focusing on serving its customers with world-class brake solutions for OEM, OES, and aftermarket.  Some of the world’s most well known and respected names in commercial vehicle, heavy-duty truck, and trailer equipment rely on Mincer HD for complete product line support from concept through full production, including aftermarket and service requirements.  We realize that our growth and success depends ultimately, of the growth and success of our customers.  We distinguish ourselves in the market by consistently delivering on our commitments while maximizing value for our customers, shareholders, and employees.

Mincer HD’s management team has strong expertise in product development, manufacturing, supply chain management and customer service.  Mincer HD has developed a culture of continuous improvement and invested heavily to train its employees in Six Sigma, Best People, and Lean Enterprise principles. Mincer HD has developed processes that assure the review, distribution and implementation of all technical specifications of the customer, as well as any changes based on the programming needs of the customer.

Our Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • TS 16949:2009

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